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We've compiled a free list of some recommended articles, books, and videos to help you dive into this work. 

Int Inq has collected the information below to help your teams learn more about how to work in more equitable and collaborative ways. We've done our best to attach links to additional learning resources. Each are listed roughly by topic.


This work is ongoing and we are always eager to increase our own knowledge and welcome your perspectives too. Want to share another resource with us? Click the talk button and share an article or tool that has inspired you to tackle change initiatives in your business.

HR Tools: Validation + Arguments for DEI Work


Building Leadership Buy-in for DEI Initiatives. Transformative Readership. Katherine Stitham


Employee Engagement: Seeing the Bigger Picture. Officevibe, Jacob Shriar

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention. Urban Sustainability Directors

Network, Desiree Williams-Rajee, Kapwa Consulting


Why Diversity Matters. McKinsey & Company, Vivian Hunt, Dennis Layton, Sara Prince

Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap. Building Movement Project, Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, Frances Kunreuther

The Number 1 Strategy for True Inclusion in the Workplace. Gallup. Dan Grafstein

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges. Achievers. Kellie Wong


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