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Our experts can help equip executives and managers with the tools they need to move equity work forward on a large scale. 

Effective Change Matters.

Integrative Inquiry provides HR development services for corporations to help improve the way their teams work together. Creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work cultures is essential for businesses, not just because it improves the experiences of employees from all backgrounds. Allocating time and resources to team development decreases turnover, increases innovation and solutions to keep your business at the forefront of your industry, and ultimately creates a more sustainable, profitable and effective workforce.

Our services are tailored to specific clients from needs assessments which help to determine the scope and timeline of projected work.    

What we provide:

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Strategic Planning
Instructional Design
Trainer Development

Jan Huepers

General Manager

Intercontinental Hotels Group

 Amman, Jordan

"Katherine worked with me on various projects on pre-opening our hotel. She structured our training needs, and based on her work, I would rank her as one of the best consultants in this field we have ever had. Katherine distinguished herself by consistently familiarizing herself with IHG and training standards to ensure effective training programs. She is motivated and holds herself to a high standard."

Image by Kat Yukawa

Join Integrative Inquiry in supporting projects to advocate for equity & inclusion in our communities. Be a beacon of change in the world. 

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Integrative Inquiry Consulting

Based in Maine, Integrative Inquiry provides HR Management consulting services, from training delivery and design to strategic planning. 


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