Integrative Inquiry provides HR development services for corporations and businesses to help improve the way their teams work together.  Allocating time and resources to team development decreases turnover, increases productivity, and ultimately creates a more sustainable and effective workforce.

Our services are tailored to specific clients from needs assessments which help to determine the scope and timeline of projected work.    


"PCP has been partnering with Kate at Integrative Inquiry for several years and has consulted on many different types of projects, from high level design of complex longitudinal learning strategies to analyzing and enhancing our internal work processes. 


Our program design is complicated and constantly evolving. Kate's  attention to detail and ability to move from design into the weeds in order to create action plans to keep projects on task has been essential. She has introduced new ways to simplify our process and streamline our workflows. 


Her ability to take a complex system and break it into its parts has enabled us to manage multiple projects seamlessly and execute initiatives more effectively and efficiently."

Jane Cooper Driver

Director of Leadership Development

Primary Care Progress, MA


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