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Creating Community in the Workplace

We create space for deep discussion and understanding of team dynamics, power, and challenges in order to transform the organizational culture. 

Consensus-Building Facilitation  provides expert facilitation or mediation to engage diverse stakeholders and community members in meaningful dialogue around complex issues. 

Team-Building Workshops provide 

opportunities for teams to increase

collaboration, communication, and productivity. 


Struggling to reach decisions around important issues on your team? Whether dealing with individual team conflicts or departments at odds with one another we can run discussions to help teams see eye to eye and come up with solutions that meet everyone's needs.


Integrative Inquiry provides expert guidance, facilitation, and certified mediation services to help different groups reach consensus and work through challenges impacting them. Contact us today to tell us more about what's going on in your team or community. 


Sometimes teams need the opportunity to build trust, camaraderie, and openness in order to move work forward. Creating psychological safety is essential to high performing teams and Integrative Inquiry can help managers and staff operate in more inclusive ways through workshops that encourage collaboration and communication skill development. 

Alastair Lawson

Program Manager

Opportunity Alliance, ME

"It was inspiring to see Kate provide a space for participants to not only discover and create new ideas ... but to care so much about [those ideas] that they want to tell as many people as they can. Participants become inspired, motivated, confident, and have the skills to be competent to create change."