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Unlock Your Team's Potential

Create a Workplace of Transparency, Growth, and Innovation.

At Integrative Inquiry, we are dedicated to helping you create culture change that works.

Our Institute of Inquiry is an online portal to help you continue that work in a virtual space. These courses are designed to give managers what they need to create an optimal work environment and increase both engagement and satisfaction across their team. 

Reimagine Online Education

Experience an Integrative Approach to Virtual Learning

Many virtual management courses out there promise transformation but instead offer generic advice via static videos and rote assignments. Unlike most e-learning classes, our programs are designed to offer an immersive and relational experience with real-time application and learning. We create cohorts of other management professionals so that you dive into the material together, learning from one another as well as gaining personal insights and reflections from experts in the field. If it isn't applicable, the course adapts to you. You are in control of the learning experience. 

Our approach to coursework targets long term organizational change, through four levels of intervention:


individual self awareness & knowledge-building 


interpersonal behavior change & skill-building 


organizational structural & process planning 


systemic culture change & sustained outcomes 

Whereas many training programs stop at the level of awareness (“I know something new”), this process impacts skills, behavior and processes, and ultimately attitude and beliefs across the organization. 

Types of Programs

We offer different levels of engagement for management professionals:

Management Skills Courses

Work on targeted skills one at a time with our Management Skills Courses. Over the course of a month, you will learn with a cohort of others and have the opportunity to apply and practice the learning.

Master-Class Series

Our Master-Class Series take you deeper into the practice of transformative leadership. Over the course of 6 months, you'll work through 6 core leadership skills with monthly consultation calls.

Business   Bundle  

Looking to train your internal team? We can arrange private course bookings so that your business can work in its own cohort throughout their learning journey. Integrate your courses with slack, google, and more. 

Custom-Built Programs

Businesses looking to provide training for 40+ employees can purchase custom built programs around topics your business needs. Choose from topics we offer online or request a topic from our Course Catalog. 

Included in All Our Offerings: 


Every course includes a workbook of handouts, worksheets, and resources on content so you can learn more about the research behind the theories. 


Though all of our courses run in real-time over a set period of time, you will have access to the materials and videos permanently.


No auto-replies here! All courses have discussions monitored by experts in the field who will answer your questions and read assignments with a personal lens.

Our Master-Class Series: A Cut Above


In addition to virtual course feedback through online discussion boards and assignement review, clients enrolled in our Master-class series receive three one-on-one consultation calls throughout their program.


These one-hour calls can be used to clarify learning, troubleshoot ongoing problems, and plan out new strategies. 


"Kate structured our training needs, and based on her work, I would rank her as one of the best consultants in this field we have ever had. She distinguished herself by consistently familiarizing herself with IHG and training standards to ensure effective training programs. She is motivated and holds herself to a high standard."


Jan Huepers

Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea, Amman, Jordan

"A skilled facilitator, Kate truly took the time to prepare for the unique individuals in our group, took her cues from them, and guided conversations with utmost professionalism. Her diverse work experiences combined with her education makes her more than capable of adapting to any group. Perhaps what distinguishes Kate from other educators is her level of self-awareness. Highly recommended!"


Jen Craven

Goodwill NNE, ME 

"Kate Stitham brings fantastic professionalism and instructional design savvy to her work. Able to turn any number of ideas into clear and concrete curricula, Kate is gifted at translating conceptualization and ideation into easily usable educational materials and provides expert insight into the design process."


Liz Salomon

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, MA

Who We Are

Kate Stitham is the President and Founder of Integrative Inquiry, an HR management consulting firm that partners with organizations to build stronger, more effective teams rooted in collaboration, innovation, and equity.  Drawing from a decade working nation-wide and internationally, her integrative approach fuses cutting-edge educational development theory with diverse contexts and perspectives.  She conducts retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and consults with a variety of professions to support strategic planning, leadership development and culture change.

Other Instructors

Clients enrolled in our Master-Class or Business Bundle may have the opportunity to collaborate with some of our other firm partners. 

Abbie Yamamoto

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder of One TransLiteracy


Abbie (Miyabi) Yamamoto, PhD, runs a firm specializing in building effective communication strategies. She conducts diversity trainings and consults on communication strategies and international marketing materials. 

Claudette Ndayininahaze

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder of In Her Presence


Claudette is a Business Development Consultant and Cultural Broker that has extensive experience in intercultural communications in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. 

Erica Medina Stanulis

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Founder of Follow the Sun


Erica is a leader in the fields of social responsibility and process improvement in corporate America. Her consulting firm delivers best practices and solutions to help clients unlock solutions in creative ways.

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