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Build out comprehensive tools to help make internal trainings and initiatives more impactful and sustainable. 

strategic interventions

When organizations are finished analyzing and processing data, they often realize that there are targeted needs within their workplace. Perhaps one department or management level is struggling more in certain areas. Working with intentionality and focus can help deepen your impact much more than company-wide trainings that are only able to hit the surface areas. 

Instead, we recommend approaching it from a pilot model, working in specific areas more deeply and then expanding outward to the whole. 

strategic interventions

Liz Salomon

Director of Programs, Primary Care Progress

 "Having a clear mind and clear space allows you to think and act with purpose."


internal structure
internal structure

Internal initiatives often require concrete materials and products, from training to standard operating procedures (SOPs).  Integrative Inquiry builds your capacity to create high quality customized templates for any of your organizational needs. We can help you create the foundational tools you need to roll out large scale projects. 


We can conduct internal Train-the-trainer programming to make sure that your team is prepared to not only create but deliver internal workshops on these topics so that your organization has the capacity to continue to move DEI efforts forward after our contract runs out. 

taking tangible action

One of the most challenging things we can do is turn learning into long-term sustainable change. In our integrate phase, we are focused on making sure the work can continue long beyond our work with an organization. One of the biggest challenges is that not all parts of our organizations need the same kind of support and intervention. 


Example: Single Branch Support

Perhaps one department or branch of the organization is acutely affected by turnover or toxic culture. We can help you address immediate needs in effective ways.


Example: Management Gaps

What if you've realized that your managers are all struggling with discipline around microaggressions? We can do targeted training and support to make sure your managers have all the tools and skills needed to lead their teams. 


Example: Pilot Programming

Say your organization is debating a new hiring and onboarding policy and procedure. We can help you design the launch and evaluation of this process to try out before wide-scale adoption. 


I'd say the experience was absolutely inspiring. From one professional to another, I felt absolutely inspired, equipped to move forward with my own vision of what I wanted to see produced in this program."

Alisha Elliot

Program Director

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO

We work within a variety of design software and learning management systems (LMS) for larger scale educational projects, and we can design custom templates, modules, and course syllabi, and can use our own expertise or partner with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create content specific to your needs.   

sample products
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Understanding Equity Resource Toolkit
Primary Care Progress

This toolkit was developed by Int Inq in 2018 to provide additional resources for participants in PCP's leadership program. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 8.42.42 AM.png
Courageous Dialogue Session Outline
Maine Boys to Men

This session outline was for a training program delivered in 2020. 

“I always begin with a quick explanation of what dialogue is and isn't. It isn't saying 'everyone is equally right' and it isn't debate or argument. It is a chance to hear one another out and seek to build understanding while acknowledging that we still want to change each other's minds."


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