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Our Management Skills Courses are designed to be independent month-long classes that explore one aspect of leadership at a time. 

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Available Courses

Critical Consciousness: Awareness to Transform

In this course, we explore how our opinions and perspectives are shaped by examining the social, political, and personal contexts we come from. Dig in and examine the multiple and ever-changing identities that form us as individuals and how our community both impacts them and is impacted by them. To change society, we must first explore how it changes us.


Module 1: Identity & Power

Module 2: The Culture of Power

Module 3: Transformative Action


Ahead of the Curve: Creating Cultures that Thrive in Transition 

The only constant is change, as the current times make evident. Organizations that fail to embrace change cannot sustain themselves through challenging times. Embracing change as opportunity yields more effective results than trying to fight against or “manage" it. This course will teach you how to increase flexibility and agility across your team and in your organization, so that you can meet new needs as they arise with innovation.


Module 1: A Framework for Change

Module 2: Creating a Culture of Feedback

Module 3: Management for Change


Why Feedback is Failing: Addressing Leadership, Culture, & Process

Feedback is foundational in most companies, yet it is not working as it should. This is because feedback is a complex process that requires retraining teams to consider how information is collected and used to drive change. In this session we explore different approaches to cultivating authentic transparent feedback and how to maximize its impact on your organization.


Module 1: Creating a Culture of Feedback

Module 2: Giving & Receiving Authentic Feedback

Module 3: Implementing Policies for Feedback


Distributive Power: Incorporating Tools for Collaborative Decision-Making 

Power is a complex concept that is crucial to understanding and improving team dynamics. Discover a framework to examine power dynamics at play and your own connection to formal and informal types of power. This course introduces practical skills and tools to help you transform your leadership style from “power over” to “power with.”


Module 1: Power: Origins & Uses

Module 2: Distributive Power Models in Practice

Module 3: Tools for Collaborative Decision-Making


Authentic Inclusion: Hiring, Promoting, & Retaining Diverse Employees 

In many organizations, diversity work can boil down to numbers: a quota of “bodies in seats,” a checklist of cultural differences to memorize, compliance assessments, or harassment and discrimination policies. But this does not address employee wellbeing, engagement, or innovation, the primary benefit of a diverse workplace. This course helps move past numbers to shift organizational culture to be more inclusive and innovative, to grow and evolve by engaging employees and embracing diverse perspectives.


Module 1: Foundations of Diverse Talent Acquisition

Module 2: Management for Engagement & Satisfaction

Module 3: Creating Opportunities: Growth, Mentorship, & Coaching


Unspoken Barriers: Addressing & Acknowledging Bias in the Workplace 

Creating truly equitable workspaces requires understanding and acknowledging the presence of bias, power and privilege in the workplace and in society as a whole.  This course is for organizations interested in building awareness about power dynamics, micro-aggressions and biases within a group and coming up with new approaches and skills to work with others. It provides resources and techniques for both managers and employees to address equity head on in their organization.


Module 1: What is Bias? The Three Lenses of Perception

Module 2: Micro-Aggressions & Power Dynamics in the Workplace

Module 3: Eliciting Feedback for Change


Walking the Walk: Bringing Equity Policies into Practice

As organizations with equity and inclusion values, it’s essential that our managers understand and are able to apply models for imbedding equity principles into policies, processes, and procedures at all levels of the organization. In this course, participants will explore how to move beyond punitive compliance models and think more about how to incorporate equity values into the work culture.


Module 1: How to Assess Your Organizational Culture

Module 2: Transformative Mindsets in Management

Module 3: Equity in Action: Recognizing & Addressing Gaps


Cultivating Engagement: Fostering Meaning, Purpose, & Connection at Work 

In today’s competitive climate, it’s essential that your employees are engaged.  Engaged employees form the foundation of a healthy thriving company culture by dedicating themselves to the company mission and working harder and longer to help it succeed.  In this course, we dive into the concepts of engagement and best practices to transform policies, practices and behaviors.


Module 1: Teaming: Building Relationships

Module 2: Creating A Shared Mission & Values

Module 3: Improving Autonomy & Agency


Bridging the Divide: Navigating Conversations Around Value Differences

We are in times of unprecedented divisive rhetoric and conversations can quickly devolve into hateful clashes of polarizing opinions. How can we stay committed to our values and beliefs and still engage others in ways that are productive, healthy, and restorative? This course explores how we may shift our approach to conversations with those that disagree with us. 


Module 1: Shifting Our Mindset

Module 2: Barriers to Communication

Module 3: Steps of a Relational Conversation


Shifting Paradigms: Taking Action to Transform Systemic Injustice

This course offers an introduction to systemic and institutional oppression that exists in our society and makes it harder for certain groups to thrive within our communities.  We introduce key concepts and terms, and discuss ways to disrupt the cycle of oppression and create more equitable policies and structures. 


Module 1: What is Systemic Injustice? Cycles of Oppression

Module 2: Disrupting the Cycle

Module 3: Action Steps for Tomorrow