To build the capacity of organizations and individuals to work in more collaborative and equitable ways.


The field of development consulting is crowded, and it can be hard to tell what exact services are provided.  HR development consultants offer a myriad of strategies and frameworks claiming to "optimize organization efficiency" and "support managerial growth." We want to change the dialogue on what development looks like. What makes our consultation unique is that it approaches projects from a foundation of integrative inquiry.  


Our work is integrative in that it borrows from a variety of techniques and theories and that it believes true effective programs and curriculum are co-constructed with all stakeholders involved.  That means you shape the work. The key to our process is that it is equitable and collaborative in nature. Our aim is to foster an organizational culture that encourages individuals in any role to lead from the top, middle, or bottom of a management structure.

It is also based in inquiry, in the hopeful space of continual progress. Knowing that no organization, project, or team is ever "complete" or "perfect", our approach maintains a fierce commitment to continued learning and growth.  This isn't a "one and done" model, with one-off trainings and mandatory checklists that employees must go through.


We focus on capacity building and agency, so that organizations can take on these principles and continue to transform and evolve the way they work together long after we part ways.  


Borrowing from a variety of techniques & co-constructing with all stakeholders

Continual progress of learning & growth


How Our Work Intersects With Racial Equity

Integrative Inquiry is a firm committed to equity across all dimensions of identity, including race. Our team represents a wide spectrum of perspective and experience, and we use this to inform all aspects of our work. 


That said, the focus of our work is to develop organizational cultures where individuals have the interpersonal communication skills to help foster psychological safety. This ensures that difficult conversations can be addressed with transparency, vulnerability, and integrity.


We do not explicitly teach on racial equity and prefer to refer interested clients to one of the many incredible organizations that specialize in these conversations. Instead we aim to offer a complementary service that fosters space for this work. 

Our Principles




Our Commitments

1. Commitment to Community

We are explicit in our work to use our talents to benefit the communities we work in. Our community initiatives are designed to teach others how to facilitate dialogues, advocate for change, and amplify their voices. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

This is not something to simply check off a list. ​


We foster organizational culture change that engages employees at all levels, to move past one-off trainings and diversity requirements.

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Integrative Inquiry Consulting

Based in Maine, Integrative Inquiry provides HR Management consulting services, from training delivery and design to strategic planning. 


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