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Capacity Building for Sustainable Change

Organizational development services build capacity within organizations to continue transformative work beyond the scope of individual trainings.  There are several ways we provide organizational development: 


Systems Development provides high level systems design to help your business launch new programs or redesign policies. 

Instructional Design helps you build educational materials to run your own internal training and development. 

Team Assessments help teams refocus energy on issues most urgent in their organizations. 


All programs should be designed with clear goals, outcomes and measures.  We provide strategic planning and design for newly created projects or programs within an organization, tailored to your mission, organizational capacity, funding requirements, and core competencies. Contracts can vary from one month to one year and can be renewed as needed to provide organizations with more holistic support as they go through a planning and implementation process, and to ensure teams feel prepared and capable to take on initiatives in the future. For smaller scale projects and one-off training opportunities, see our Training & Retreat services page. 

Program Support Services include: 

Strategic Planning

We offer high level strategic planning to help you create clear proposals for the vision, goals, and actionable steps needed to launch a new program or project in your organization.  Create new organizational charts and job descriptions, plan budgets, and develop a marketing strategy to help set your project up for success. 

Project Management Design & Training

We can also provide assistance in designing or improving your systems for tracking program effectiveness.  We can help train employees and build the design for project management software systems like Asana, Slack or Taskray, and data storage and file systems like Dropbox and Gsuite.   We can also build out and train teams around: 

office forms & templates                               client tracking & management                   standard operating procedures (SOPs)

report generation & design                          budgets & expense reports .                      company policies & procedures                                                         

Liz Salomon

Director of Programs, Primary Care Progress

Evaluation & Assessment

Using Results Based Accountability (RBA), we can help you develop comprehensive evaluation and assessment tools to monitor programs. Rethink how you define and measure success.


"PCP has been partnering with Kate at Integrative Inquiry for 3+ years and she has been involved in many different types of projects, from high level design of complex longitudinal learning strategies to analyzing and enhancing our internal work processes. 


Our program design is complicated and constantly evolving. Kate's attention to detail and ability to move from design into the weeds in order to create action plans to keep projects on task has been essential. She has introduced new ways to simplify our process and streamline our workflows. 


Her ability to take a complex system and break it into its parts has enabled us to manage multiple projects seamlessly and execute initiatives more effectively and efficiently."

Jane Cooper Driver

Director of Leadership Development

Primary Care Progress, MA


Projects or programs within an organization often require specific instructional materials and products, particularly around staff orientation and professional skill building.  Integrative Inquiry builds your capacity to create virtual or in-person educational materials for trainings you need to run within your organization. We can work within learning management systems (LMS) for larger scale educational projects, but primarily we design custom templates, modules, and course syllabi, and can partner with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create content specific to your needs.   


We have the following software proficiency:




Adobe Connect


Microsoft Suite

iWork Suite

GSuite/ Google apps



Adobe Captivate

Articulate 360


Adobe (inDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Stock, Illustrator, Premier)

"Kate Stitham brings fantastic professionalism and instructional design savvy to her consulting work. Able to turn any number of ideas into clear and concrete curricula, Kate is gifted at translating conceptualization and ideation into easily usable educational materials and provides expert insight into the design process."

Liz Salomon

Program Director

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, MA


We also are familiar with a myriad of assessment instruments for organizations interested in understanding how their team is functioning.   These can provide practical insights into team dynamics and help teams work better together.   While we do not administer these assessments, we can partner with you to better understand how the results can inform approaches to learning, work, management, and collaboration. 

If your organization is already using a particular assessment, we can work with it.   We can also help you develop your own internal assessments. Or contact us to learn more about any one of the following tools: 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 

A measure using Jung's psychological types. Useful for gaining insights about how individuals work and interact with others; fairly common and may be familiar concepts for teams. 

16 Personalities

A free version based around Myers-Briggs that uses similar spectrums to explore how individuals work and interact with others; offers additional information about work and management styles. 

StrengthsFinder 2.0

This assessment helps individuals identify and develop natural talents, identifying 5 key strengths out of 34 that individuals should further develop.   Excellent personal development tool. 

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

A measure of typical approaches to conflict; useful to understand different conflict-handling styles and in fostering self-awareness and reflection.

5 Dynamics

A measure of individual and teams energies behind certain tasks, behaviors, and processes.   Helps predict how teams will perform throughout projects, identify risks, and capitalize on strengths.  


This assessment measures five core element of psychological well-being and happiness. Help to create more sustainability on teams with high levels of stress