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Introducing Thinq Talks

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

What? Thinq Talks are free live zoom events where we share our expertise on a range of subjects! Each Thinq Talk will cover a specific topic and provides a platform to discuss and reflect on how each subject applies to your work and personal experiences. Consider these great opportunities to meet other leaders in different industries and pick our consultants’ brains about topics we train on. For Free!

Why? We are doing Thinq Talks for two reasons. The first is to help out people and businesses in this hard time by giving them access to the subject expertise we have. The second is to give people a chance to see what we offer. Unlike many consultant “free webinars” are events are intentionally intimate groups offered live. These aren’t listen and learn pre-recorded sessions. They are interactive and dynamic discussions. Consider it a preview to the kinds of workshops you’d get when you hire us.

When? We plan to hold Thinq Talks every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 12-1 pm EST.

Where? These are virtual events, so we have zoom links set up to join. You can always find our upcoming Thinq Talks events here:

Who? We want you, of course! We work with leaders at all levels of organizations across different sectors and industries to engage in discussion. We are excited to team up with Chambers of Commerce and other professional organizations to provide expert training on important topics to their members!

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