IntInq Update: Perhaps More Than Ever Before, Huge Changes Come With the New Year

With a change of the guard for both the presidency and senate, we foresee huge shifts in workplaces across the country in regards to discussions around employee safety, inclusion, and equity.

We are excited to contribute to all of these areas of thought and add our insights. Here is some of what we have said before and what we offer currently:

Creating Psychological Safe Spaces

We cannot truly create engaging, inclusive work environments without addressing psychological safety, the notion that people can express vulnerability, ask questions, and raise concerns without fear.

Training Topics we offer:

  • Understanding Psychological Safety: Investing in Team Culture

  • Why Feedback is Failing: Leadership, Culture, & Process

Previous Articles:

Check out our sample Courageous Dialogue Session Outline we delivered for a non-profit client.

Leading for Equity

We work with leaders to step up and move beyond awareness to take strategic actions and change their workplace culture in direct and impactful ways.

Check out our sample Understanding Equity Toolkit we made for a client in 2018.

Training Topics we offer:

  • Beyond Cultural Competency: Reimagining Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Work

  • Distributive Power Models: Understanding Power Dynamics in the Workplace

  • Walking the Walk: Bringing Equity Policies into Practice

Previous Articles:

We are also excited to work with others on presenting our Thinq Talks series, where we provide a free one-hour training event online. If you are a company, nonprofit, council, or chamber of commerce, we would love to provide you with a valuable training experience for free!

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