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We Were Just Named a Top 10 HR Management Firm - And We Are Celebrating By Offering More To You

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Read Manage HR's interview piece with Kate here

This incredible honor brings with it a few more announcements

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Top Organizational Development designation by Manage HR Magazine in their first-ever listing of innovative organizational development services impacting the industry of human relations and management.

We are honored by this recognition, and look forward to living up to it with every interaction we have with clients and collaborators. Integrative Inquiry was founded to design realistic strategies and curriculum to meet our clients’ goals, transforming their organizational culture and capacity to change.

Shaking Things Up in 2021

Building off the momentum of this award, we have several announcements to share on the changes we are making internally and what is coming in the next year.

Introducing Ourselves | Integrative Inquiry was founded by Kate Stitham to help make workplaces more inclusive and equitable, but it is given additional life through the work of its other employees and collaborators. Going forward, we will be highlighting the work of all our available consultants, helping you get to know them better and understand the unique expertise they bring.

The Institute of Inquiry - One of our latest initiatives aims to address the needs of virtual workforces while still helping companies change their dynamics and create space for difficult dialogues. Our Institute of Inquiry is an immersive, experiential online training program that helps managers dive into the challenges of navigating workplace conflicts and conversations across difference. Sign up for our Master Class series to work with a cohort of like-minded leaders or inquire about our private Business Packages to bring this work back to your organization.

Navigating DEI Work for Your Government Organization | With recent administration policy changes, we understand it can be a confusing time to try and get your employees the training they may need. As a SAM.gov certified WOSB, we are used to managing the complex challenges of federal and state regulations. We are more than happy to deftly navigate any changes and get you the resources and education your organization needs without the worry of violating any new mandates.

Energizing your Online Meetings | The new normal for many exists in the virtual meeting space. It can be tough to keep everyone engaged and active on video calls and can create frustrating roadblocks to team synergy and productivity. Not just that, but it can exacerbate power differences and reinforce toxic dynamics. We are excited to help revolutionize the digital engagement space and make virtual meetings magnificent.

Bridging the Political Divide | As has become apparent over the last decade, our nation is increasingly polarized, not just across our country but at a local level. These divisions extend into the workplace, whether on a team, with clients, or with service providers. We need to figure out strategies to raise important issues and call people "in" to discussions. In 2021, we are prioritizing communication. We will help our clients create psychologically safe environments where they can have courageous dialogues about important issues, and create necessary understanding, compromise, and progress.

The Power of Good Curriculum | Training success often comes down to the curriculum used to learn. A good workshop teaches once, but the best curriculum can be used and adapted on and on. We are passionate educators dedicated to capacity building, and we love to work with clients to make the curriculum they not only need at the moment, but can implement for all their future employees, too. Inquire today to learn more about how we can help you build a sustainable, replicable training process for your team.

Thanks for following us, and until next time!

As always, we strive to co-construct ideas and solutions together. While dialogue, alternative perspectives, and questions are encouraged, please note that extreme comments will be deleted as they do not foster collaborative communication. Instead, I would encourage you to message me directly through our website -- I am more than happy to continue conversations in person or over a phone call.

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