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What Innovative Focus Earned Us Top 10? Found Out!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Read Manage HR's interview piece with Kate here

This incredible honor brings with it a few more announcements

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Top Organizational Development designation by Manage HR Magazine in their first-ever listing of innovative organizational development services impacting the industry of human relations and management.

We are honored by this recognition, and look forward to living up to it with every interaction we have with clients and collaborators. Integrative Inquiry was founded to design realistic strategies and curriculum to meet our clients’ goals, transforming their organizational culture and capacity to change.


Our Current Roadmap

Building off the momentum of this award, we have several announcements to share on the changes we are making internally and what our focus is on going forward.

Introducing Ourselves | Integrative Inquiry was founded by Kate Stitham to help make workplaces more inclusive and equitable, but it is given additional life through the work of its other employees and collaborators. Going forward, we will be highlighting the work of all our available consultants, helping you get to know them better and understand the unique expertise they bring. We are also sharing our thoughts at our publication Transformative Readership.

Read our Brochure here

The 5 Characteristics of Optimizing Work Culture | We've built our work on these 5 tenets: Inclusion and Connection, Growth and Change, Direction and Purpose, Order and Process, and Autonomy and Agency. If you'd like to learn about these concepts, read our white paper.

Energizing your Online Meetings | The new normal for many exists in the virtual meeting space. It can be tough to keep everyone engaged and active on video calls and can create frustrating roadblocks to team synergy and productivity. Not just that, but it can exacerbate power differences and reinforce toxic dynamics. We are excited to help revolutionize the digital engagement space and make virtual meetings magnificent. One tip: get yourself a producer.

Bridging the Political Divide | As has become apparent over the last decade, our nation is increasingly polarized, not just across our country but at a local level. These divisions extend into the workplace, whether on a team, with