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Introducing the Compassionate Communication Feelings and Needs Deck – your powerful tool for transforming conflicts and enhancing communication around difficult topics.


Inspired by Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication practice, this deck of cards is designed to foster empathy and understanding in your interactions with others. Whether grappling with everyday conflicts, struggling to express yourself, or trying to build a shared understanding on your team, this deck empowers you to identify and communicate feelings with greater accuracy and sensitivity to unlock the underlying needs driving those feelings.


With the Compassionate Communication Feelings and Needs Deck, navigating challenging conversations becomes an empowering and transformative experience. 


Our multilingual edition is designed explicitly to increase greater accessibility, for those with neurodiversity as well as cultural and linguistic barriers to communicating in difficult conversations. Each card depicts illustrations that capture a range of emotions and situations, as well as translations into the ten most commonly spoken languages in the US.


This interactive deck is perfect for trainers, coaches, and professionals who want to improve conflict and communication in their workplace. 

Compassionate Communication Feelings +Needs Deck: Multi-lingual Edition

Expected to ship by end of September
  • This set comes in Custom US Game Deck Size Cards (2.2"×3.43" or 56×87mm) on a standard smooth card stock.

    Included in this set are 72 cards (32 feelings and 26 needs) as well as small instructional booklet and a custom tuck box for storage. 

    Additional support for how to use these cards is available on our website. 

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