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Category:Windows-only softwareJohn McAfee claimed yesterday that he is innocent of all charges filed against him for trying to import $200 million worth of cannabis resin into Jamaica. “Just because I am the highest profile person on this case, don’t make it seem like they are after me,” he told an inquisitive crowd at his monthly press conference. McAfee revealed to the press that he is fighting the charges brought against him by a member of the Kingston Police Department. “One of the top policemen in Jamaica is prosecuting me,” he said. “He’s trying to make it seem like I am a criminal mastermind, but he’s a monkey with no shoes.” According to McAfee, if he is found guilty by the court of law, he is likely to go to prison, but if he is a free man, then it is because the evidence was faulty. “The evidence presented in the case is suspect,” McAfee said. “Now, I’m sure the police do their best, but I don’t have faith in the entire system. There are too many cases where drugs get into the country that have been planted. “They are planting them all the time. I’m sure they are planting drugs right now.” McAfee said that he has met with members of the Jamaican legislature who are interested in helping him clear his name. “I just want to get the truth out,” he said. “The best thing for this country is to get rid of corruption. There is too much money being spent on police, jails, judicial officials, prisons, etc. We need to spend our money on schools, hospitals, etc.” He added: “We are losing billions and billions of dollars in the area of health. Let’s start with our prisons and jails. “It’s almost laughable to suggest that people go to jail for marijuana.” McAfee was at the press conference to answer questions about his new health product, Viagra Max, and why he continues to promote it as a viable treatment for erectile dysfunction. He claimed that Viagra Max has a 90 per cent success rate. “I have been using it for three years and have had

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_VERIFIED_ Utorrent Microsoft Office

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