high school community project
(Resilience Integrity Support Empathy)

This project will create a sustainable year round program for high schools to help better facilitate dialogues and develop increased psychological safety for all their students. 


Participating Schools for Pilot (pending funding support):
Freeport, Greely, Hebron Academy, and Yarmouth

From our partnership with several high schools in Maine, we are designing a culture change response to increase inclusion and safety for high school students of color and other marginalized groups. 

R.I.S.E. is a 2-year collaborative project that aims to help increase self awareness and communication skills across participating student bodies, fostering opportunities for courageous dialogue, reflection, and connection.  

Step 1. Training an Internal Team

In the first year, 10 participants from each participating school (4-6 Staff members and 4-6 select students or aids) attend 20 hours of train-the-trainer curriculum, learning facilitation and mediation skills to help navigate vulnerable conversations to support student resilience. Over the course of the training they are assigned peer coaches and are able to practice their skills with constructive feedback from experts. 

At the end of this program, participants will be able to guide community groups in cross-cultural communication around the difficult issues of our times. Ultimately, the project aims to combat issues of racial bias, miscommunication, and tension through learning and growth with community residents from all backgrounds.

Step 2. Design a Multi-level Program

Our consultants partner with the new training team to deliver one pilot day for each grade (one at each participating school). Afterwards, we reflect on the process and content and provide feedback to new trainers and adapt curriculum as needed. 

The consulting team and internal team next work together to build out a full program that supports students throughout the academic year. This provides additional opportunities for students to practice skills, share insights, and deepen their connection with one another. The program would consist of an initial day event for each grade, followed by a mid year and end of year workshop/assembly. There may also be smaller discussions and projects throughout the year. 

Our Pilot Program will deliver:

inclusion & connection.png
40+ Trained Facilitators
Development of a Year-round Replicable Program Across 4 Grades
4 Towns Impacted
2,000 high schoolers reached

To create truly inclusive cultures in our schools, we have to open up conversations and create opportunities for students to speak up.


Unlike other training programs that come in and deliver, then leave, this program builds long-term sustainability by training a team within the school.


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