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Expert Guidance for Your Team

We offer a wide array of customized trainings to help propel your organization forward. 

Leadership Development trainings provide professional skill building for team members and managers at every level of the organization.   

Strategic Planning Retreats guide companies in strategic visioning and planning. 


We design custom trainings, from 3-hour workshops to week-long training programs, in which team members learn critical skills to help their organizations and teams grow and succeed. After an intake assessment, we create a detailed training plan to focus on the leadership competencies most needed in your organization. 

Any training package can be designed either as direct service, with an Integrative Inquiry trainer delivering content to the team, or as a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program for managers and designated employees to take back to the organization. 

Potential Leadership Development topics include, but are not limited to the following:


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The "I" in Team: How Identity Impacts Team Effectiveness

Examine the multiple and ever-changing identities that form us as individuals and how this impacts how we perceive and are perceived by others.   Understanding the ways in which our identities influence how we approach working with others is an integral component to changing team culture and creating more equitable workplaces. 

Creating a Shared Vision, Plan, & Strategy

Strategic planning sets the goals and work plans for a team moving forward.   Co-constructing these collectively as a team lays the foundation for efficient and successful collaboration by making sure all members feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for the mission, have a shared vision and clear strategies, tactics and initiatives on which to base their plan.  Get a brief overview of best practices to set up strategic planning for success.  For larger contracts and strategic planning support, see our Organizational Development services.

Facilitation 101: Foundations of Meeting Management

Despite spending a high percentage of time in meetings, most organizations struggle to collaborate in ways that are meaningful and effective.  The ability to facilitate and organize meetings is a critical part of a company’s success.  This workshop introduces the foundational principles of facilitation and provides straight-forward easy to use tools and templates to implement in your organization. 

Facilitation: Collaborative Decision-Making

Teams often need to come together to address complex challenges that require innovation and creative problem solving.  Collaborative decision making at organizations has been shown to increase team engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness.  In this workshop, learn process tools needed to help guide your team in creating transformative solutions together.

Facilitation:  Investing in Team Building

Team building is about taking deliberate action to build camaraderie, trust, and candidness among team members. It prioritizes both team success and satisfaction, and is a foundational step to creating environments in which team members are ready and eager to engage in collaborative work. 

Facilitation: Incorporating Feedback

This workshop focuses on building a team’s confidence, communication, and trust through cultivating a culture of transparent, compassionate feedback.  Organizations that operate with a growth mindset open avenues for deeper dialogue and transformation around issues impacting team dynamics and efficiency.

Creating Inclusive & Equitable Work Environments

As workplaces continue to evolve and shift, it is essential to create and maintain an inclusive culture in your organization that celebrates, acknowledges, and seeks out diversity, both on your staff and with those you serve.  This workshop offers practical tools and action plans for creating a supportive and inclusive culture that will make employees want to stay and grow within the company.

Addressing Bias & Inequity in the Workplace

Creating truly equitable workspaces requires understanding and acknowledging the presence of bias, power, and privilege in the workplace and in society as a whole.  This workshop is for organizations interested in building awareness about power dynamics, micro-aggressions and biases within a group and coming up with new approaches and skills to working with others. It provides resources and techniques for both managers and employees to address equity head on in their organization.

Conflict & Communication in  the Workplace

Dive into key concepts of compassionate communication from leaders in the field of conflict transformation, and how these techniques can be applied in organizations and teams.   Explore how your team can work more effectively and collaboratively through challenges to transform the way you work together.

Change Management: Guiding Teams through Transition

In this ever-changing world, organizations must prepare for transition with intention and commitment to sustainability.   This workshop introduces a change framework and offers procedures and recommendations for guiding teams through organizational, leadership, or culture change.

Coaching to Support the Growth of Others

How do we build peer support systems into our institutions? Coaching and mentoring can be powerful strategies to grow leadership in your organizations. Learn the skills to support the learning and growth of employees at all levels. 

"A skilled facilitator, Kate truly took the time to prepare for the unique individuals in our group, took her cues from them on the day of, and guided conversations with utmost professionalism. Her diverse work experiences combined with her education makes her more than capable of adapting to any group. Perhaps what distinguishes Kate from other educators is her level of self-awareness. Highly recommended!"

Jen Craven

Program Director 

Goodwill NNE, ME


Planning Retreats can be extremely powerful ways to accelerate change in organizations, but only if facilitated and built out thoughtfully and equitably, and include follow-up application and assessments to ensure successful implementation.   Our retreats work to create safe spaces that cultivate trust, collaboration, and transparency. 

We are happy to partner with organizations to create strategic planning retreats that meet your specific needs, whether preparing for annual reports, launching new projects or programs, revising budgets, or realigning team vision and goals.  We will work with you to ensure your organization leaves with clear actionable next steps, and can be contracted to further coach and support you as you transition to implementation. 

"Kate is talented, responsive and easy to work with. I have referred her to several colleagues because I appreciate the quality of her design skills, as well as her ability to listen to our needs and work efficiently to meet them."

Christine Bechtel


X4 Health, VA