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Understand what your workplace is really like for those you employ and where your greatest opportunities for improvement are. 


Gain clarity and focus for how to drive change initiatives forward.


Make your workplace

work for everyone

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Make these changes stick by building out the tangible deliverables you need to embed this work into your daily practices. 


Make sure you (and your team) have the skills and knowledge needed to execute these initiatives.


Change is hard. We can help.

Int Inq specializes in driving sustainable change management within organizations. We believe that succeeding in improvement initiatives requires addressing the underlying systems, barriers, and culture in your organization. Our firm excels in diagnosing core challenges and implementing targeted, actionable strategies to foster enduring positive change. Our approach is centered on identifying and addressing gaps, inequities, and inconsistencies in the workplace, paving the way for a healthier, more inclusive and equitable work environment.

Organizational Development

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We have extensive experience in the non-profit sector working with value-driven community organizations. We continue to preserve 10% of our billable hours to pro-bono and reduced-rate services every year.

We work often with municipalities, government departments, and quasi-municipal agencies and organizations that receive a mixture of public and private funds. 


We work with educational organizations from both public and private sectors ranging from elementary to higher education and education administration. 

Professional Services

We also have a background with working with other professional service providers, such as law, accounting, and finance, so we understand what it takes to balance an effective team and client demands. 

One of the main industries we have served in the last decade is healthcare systems, from community clinics to professional associations. 

Who We Work With

We work across a variety of industries and sectors, tailoring our approach to the field we are in. However, we work predominantly with purpose-driven fields that are deeply fueled by a core mission.

It’s all about a dialogue

Don't take our word for it. This is what some of our past clients have shared. 

"A skilled facilitator, Kate truly took the time to prepare for the unique individuals in our group, took her cues from them on the day of, and guided conversations with utmost professionalism. Her diverse work experiences combined with her education makes her more than capable of adapting to any group. Perhaps what distinguishes Kate from other educators is her level of self-awareness. Highly recommended!"

Jen Craven, 


"Kate and her team were a great fit for our company to start the important work of culture change. Together, we were able to establish a rapport to craft the language and parameters for our employee survey and focus group. The assessment they conducted validated some inklings we had about company culture and provided clear next steps that we can take to begin addressing what needs to improve."

Emily Eschner

Generac Clean Energy Solutions


Working with Integrative Inquiry was a great experience. As an organization navigating big change in the midst of a global pandemic, we needed a partner to provide us with clarity and to guide us through a thoughtful and collaborative strategic planning process that allowed us to be forward thinking and flexible. Kate and her team provided excellent guidance, ensured we could meaningfully engage our membership, and ensured that we kept equity at the center of our process.

Jeanette Andre

Maine Philanthropy Center

You're in good company.