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Highly effective, targeted support.

While culture change and organizational development are the foundation of what we do, we understand the specific limitations that government organizations have to work under.


We have a great deal of experience navigating the complexities of federal and state funding requirements, union contracts, budget challenges, and bureaucratic red tape to moving each project forward.

We are here to help make your change management and HR initiatives practical and impactful.

When you are considering employee-wide assessments, leadership training, and policy changes, we can help.

SBA Women owned small business certifies

We are proud to be recognized as a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and see it as a testament to our commitment to excellence, diversity, and the empowerment of women in our industry. Our commitment to diversity across many factors brings a unique perspective and innovative solutions to every project, aligning with the goals of government agencies and contractors seeking quality, reliability, and diversity in their partnerships.

  • Expertise + Innovation: Leverage our specialized skills and innovative approaches to solve complex challenges.

  • Commitment to Quality: Expect excellence in every delivery, backed by our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

  • Diverse Perspectives: Benefit from the unique insights and ideas that a diverse team brings to your project.

  • Strategic Partnership: Collaborate with a partner dedicated to supporting the goals and missions of government agencies and familiar with the unique context and structures of the public sector.

Why Choose Us?

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Codes + Categorization


CAGE:  88H29 

Geographic Area: New England, Maine

Designation: SBA Woman-Owned Small Busines


611430 |  Professional & Management Development Training

611710 |  Educational Support Services

541611 |  Administrative Management & General Management Consulting

541612 |  Human Resources Consulting

541618 |  Other Management Consulting Services

PSC Codes: 

R409 | Program Review/Development Services

R419 | Educational Services

R431 | Support – Professional: Human Resources

U001 | Lectures for Training

U008 | Training/Curriculum Development

U009 | Education Services

U099 | Other Education & Training Services

SIC Categories: 

8742 | Management Consulting Services

8299 | School & Education Services

8748 | Business Consulting Services, not elsewhere classified

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Public + Quasi-Municipal Agency Contracts

State of Vermont | City of Biddeford | City of Westbrook | Maine Dept of Education | City of Portland | Acadia National Park | Portland Public Library | Portland Police Department | AmeriCorps | Maine District 5 Schools | Casco Bay Estuary Partnership 


Public Sector

Learn about our with with federal and state agencies, towns, and publicly funded organizations. 

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