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Reviewing the Law

Active Client Resource Hub

Welcome to our Active Client Resource Hub! Here our clients with open contracts will find information about how to navigate and use the various tools we provide throughout your contract with us. 

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Your Payment Portal is where you can make all of your payments online, find and track invoices, and confirm or find official legal documentation like w9s, contracts, and proposals. 

Go here to schedule time to meet with your contract lead to discuss the status of your project on a virtual conference call. 

All of the documents regarding your contract including research, reports, tools, and final deliverables are stored in your shared workdrive folder. For security, login access and password were emailed to you. If you need us to resend this information, please reach out to your contract lead. 

Find + Share Documents

If you have feedback for us about the services we have provided, any of the consultants you have worked with, or any other way you think we could improve, please share by clicking here. 

Quick Links

How can I tell who my Contract Lead is?

Your Contract Lead is this Int Inq representative assigned to manage your contract. They are listed on the first page of your Contract Proposal, which is in your Client Payment Portal and in the Contract Overview in your Document Folder.

How can I change or adjust my contract?

We know that sometimes work evolves, particularly on contracts that last longer than 6 months. If we need to adjust our contract, we will draft a contract amendment outlining the reallocation, reduction, or addition of fees and services. To start this process, you can book time with your Contract Lead using the link above. 

How do I contact a Project Lead working on my contract?

In addition to the Contract Lead overseeing the contract as a whole, you may have other consultants who are leading components of the work. All consultants working on the project will have their contact information and scheduling available on the Contract Overview document in your Document Folder. 

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