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In a sea of consulting options, Int Inq stands out not by what we do, but how we do it.


Forget conventional labels – HR, DEI, talent management, change management, or organizational development – and imagine a consulting partner that transcends these boundaries with an innovative and practical approach to partnership.

At Int Inq, your voice isn't just heard; it's integral.


We foster a collaborative, equitable environment  that empowers all levels of your organization to lead and innovate and not only accept but accelerate change.

Forge A New Path

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Foster a legacy of continual development and excellence.

Our philosophy is rooted in the principle of continuous improvement. We don't believe in 'one and done' solutions. Our methods are designed to instigate ongoing transformation, ensuring that the progress and learning don't stop when our project ends. We're committed to building your internal capacity and agency, leaving your team equipped and inspired to sustain and expand upon the changes we initiate together.

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We are explicit in our work to use our talents to benefit the communities we work in. Our services are designed to teach others how to facilitate dialogues, advocate for change, and amplify their voices. 

Commitment to Community

We don't want you to need us forever. Our goal is not to come in and do a one-off low-impact training. We want to make sure you have the skills and confidence to keep this work moving forward long after we leave.

Commitment to

Capacity Building

This work is only meaningful if you can see clear application and steps to take on this work in your organization. We tailor our work to your needs, taking into account the other initiatives you are undertaking, as well as your specific strengths and challenges. 

Commitment to


To support our commitments, we offer 10% of our billable hours to pro-bono and reduced-rate services every year.

More than

just words.

Our Commitments

Our Guiding Principles

Empowerment Comes From Within.

Empowerment is not something you can bestow.  People empower themselves when given the tools & opportunity.  Strong leaders seek to provide space for others to take on leadership and agency to reflect, challenge, and impact decisions around us.

Growth is Perpetual.

The process of improvement is always ongoing. We must always challenge ourselves to do better, to rethink old strategies and cultivate new approaches.  The work is never done. 

Knowledge is Co-Created.

Everyone brings valuable skills, experience, and perspective to any discussion.  To learn and grow as an organization, it is essential that all members of a team are tapped for insight, perspectives, and concerns. 




blending a variety of techniques and co-constructing with all stakeholders
fostering a continual progress of learning and growth

The name of our firm is about our process with clients. The key to our process is that it is equitable and collaborative in nature. Our aim is to foster a process where individuals in any role help to shape and inform the changes to their workplaces. 

Office Meeting

Great, but how do you actually help?

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Mission + Vision

Our vision is that Int Inq Consulting will be known for deep longitudinal impact with every organization we work with. Our specific focus on embedding concrete practices and policy changes in the workplace in order to foster effective work environments where employees from all backgrounds and at all levels thrive.

Clients who work with us longitudinally ultimately gain a competitive advantage by creating work environments that are able to adapt and improvise, learn from their mistakes, and respond critically and effectively to emerging needs.


OUR MISSION: to support our clients in creating work environments that foster equity and belonging through:


  • Deep longitudinal planning

  • Building concrete practices

  • Facilitating candid and productive dialogue.

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