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We look for creative, independent, ethically-minded candidates to collaborate with us. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we actively encourage, support, and cultivate diverse and inclusive workplaces, which includes our own. If you have a passion for creating equitable and inclusive communities, reach out and learn about what opportunities we have available. 

Ongoing Open Positions

Job Description

Job Title: Consultant                                           Job Level: Mid-senior to Executive

Reporting to: Director of Operations                 Position Type: (1099), project-based

Work is remote and can be done from anywhere in the United States.


Job Summary

Integrative Inquiry Consulting is a firm that partners with organizations to design innovative, practical, and impactful strategies to address the cultural changes needed to build more inclusive and equitable workplaces.

We are looking for individual(s) that are committed to building equitable, inclusive, people-first initiatives for our clients. The Project-based Consultant at Integrative Inquiry is a multi-faceted role that supports and provides deliverables for the firm’s client contracts. Our services range from research, policy analysis, data analysis, facilitation, training, leadership coaching, and document creation. We are looking for consultant generalists who can provide at least 4 of the above services.

We have three levels of work as a consultant, dependent upon the responsibilities a contractor undertakes:

  • Consultant I (Specialist): conduct very specific highly structured tasks such as conducting surveys, acting as a production assistant, putting together research summaries, or manually processing/coding data within a structured system. Rate $50/h.

  • Consultant II (Associate): are fundamentally collaborators and thought partners. They provide their expertise and insight and directly inform ongoing projects following the lead of the Project Lead, and work both directly or indirectly with clients depending on their role. Associates act as co-trainers, facilitators, analysists, coaches, or subject matter experts. Rate $100/h.

  • Consultant III (Project Lead): are expected to head specific projects or work independently with clients during a client contract and are ultimately responsible for the successful delivery of a service. Project Leads work directly with clients and report to the Contract Lead who oversees the entire client experience. Rate $150/h.


**On any given client contract, you may contribute at more than one level of work. ** Payment is agreed upon at the start of every Client Contract based on an estimate of the work and responsibilities involved.

The primary job is providing agreed upon client deliverables (training sessions, coaching sessions, internal/external policy reviews, data analytics, etc.) To accomplish this, you will need to project management skills to hit deadlines and milestones.


Job Responsibilities

Depending on the contracted projects, responsibilities include any of the following:

Coaching/Direct Client Support

  • Provide thoughtful, equitable, and inclusive responses to HR policies, procedures, laws, standards, or regulations.

  • Provide client coaching to executives, department heads, managers, and individual contributors on: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), Human Resource or Organizational Development, Communication, Change Management, or Conflict Resolution strategies.


Training & Facilitation

  • Deliver or co-deliver Human Resources/People Operations trainings on a variety of topics such as: Power Dynamics, Positionality, or Conflict Transformation.

  • Facilitate or co-facilitate strategic planning retreats for teams around their goals and vision. 

  • Conduct focus groups, interviews, and forums, establishing a safe space for responses and sharing, and anonymizing statements and responses.

  • Serve as producer for virtual trainings and sessions, setting up and maintaining the various facets of the Zoom experience, including recording, solving tech issues, engaging in and saving chats, creating and administering polls, and keeping the team and attendees to schedule, etc.


Data & Research

  • Extract and compile meaning from data (qualitative and quantitative), leverage your organization and synthesizing abilities to share common themes.

  • Assist/lead internal and external policy reviews, scanning documents for potential inequities and providing recommendations for improvement.


All independent contractors are expected to:

  • Ensure that budgets and expenses align between workplans, proposals, and database.

  • Communicate with internal team and clients to organize, and track work and ensure deliverables meet expectations and timelines.


Key Competencies

  • Commitment to and familiarity with diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Subject matter expert in Human Resources, People Management, Organizational Development, or similar fields.

  • Comfort with public speaking and facilitation.

  • People data analytics or ability to synthesize data and identify common themes.

  • Proven self-management skills.

  • Strong time management, budgeting, organization, and planning skills.

  • Ability to communicate effectively (oral and written) with internal team and clients.

  • Must be able to work under stress of meeting deadlines and changing priorities.

  • Ability to organize and maintain detailed records and notes, especially as part of client interaction.

  • Ability to assess, evaluate, revise, plan and implement work within the context of position responsibilities.

  • Comfort with learning new software and working on a computer.


Preferred Experience:

  • Prior experience with facilitating strategic planning sessions, executive coaching, training, policy review, qualitative analysis (strongly prefer 3 out 5).

  • Conflict resolution, restorative justice, or mediation background

  • Prior experience serving customers or clients.

  • Prior consulting or project-based work.

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Google GSuite, Adobe


Position Context: The Consultant role is a remote, though some travel could be involved depending on the candidate (up to 5% of time).

Role is directly supervised by the Director of Operations and works closely with the President of the company. Supervision is given in the form of quarterly meetings, project check-ins, email exchanges, and annual reviews.


This work is in constant flux, and candidates should be comfortable working independently and taking initiative. Candidates who are adaptable, innovative, and are encouraged to apply. Integrative Inquiry is an equal opportunity employer that highly values diversity on our team. We know that we cannot do this work alone, and that our different experiences, positionality, and viewpoints are what make us impactful. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, primary language, or disability status and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

Email with your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in working with us and in the larger DEI sector in general.


Join Us

Want to Work Together?

Integrative Inquiry was founded with a firm belief that we are stronger together, and actively seeks partnership with other consultants, small businesses, and educators. We have had success with collaborative grant writing on past projects and are always open to innovative ideas for new work.  Interested?  Reach out today at to tell us more about how you would like to partner with us.

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