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Explore our partnerships with non-profits, enhancing community services and support

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Supporting those who support others.

Non-profit organizations, fueled by mission-driven passion and a commitment to social good, often encounter a unique set of challenges that can lead to employee burnout. The very nature of their work—addressing urgent and sometimes overwhelming societal needs—can result in a work environment where resources are stretched thin and demands on staff are high.


An intense focus on external objectives frequently means that internal infrastructure, including the development of processes, employee support systems, and organizational planning, takes a back seat. Int Inq Consulting specializes in addressing these very challenges.

We are here to help make your internal change  initiatives practical and impactful.

By partnering with non-profits, we aim to strengthen internal infrastructure and skill development, thereby enhancing the capacity to fulfill their mission without sacrificing their team's well-being.


Our services focus on developing efficient processes, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, and implementing support systems that promote a healthy work-life balance. By doing so, we help ensure that these organizations are not only able to meet urgent external needs but also sustain their most valuable asset—their people—over the long term.

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Free Resource: Making the Case for Internal Organizational Development to Funders


Funding Internal Projects

In the world of non-profits, where the allocation of funds is scrupulously observed and the pressure to minimize operational costs is ever-present, the notion of investing in professional development and strategic planning may seem like a luxury rather than a necessity. However, it's this very investment in the growth and foresight of an organization that often paves the way for sustainable success.

While it may seem daunting, the long-term benefits of a well-trained staff and a robust strategic plan frequently lead to more effective operations, better service delivery, and an enhanced ability to fulfill your mission. In the quest for efficiency and fiscal prudence, you need to ensure that the people within the organization are equipped with the right skills and that the organizational trajectory is thoughtfully planned.

At Int Inq Consulting, we understand this challenge.

We can help you try to secure additional funding and talk with you about the various options available. The above document gives some quick ideas about how to do this. 

In addition, in support our commitment to community building, we offer 10% of our billable hours to pro-bono and reduced-rate services every year

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Intend Health Strategies | Mayo St Arts | New England Arab American Organization (NEAAO) | Maine Philanthropy Center | Welcoming the Stranger | Jackson Laboratory | Goodwill NNE | AmeriCorps | Learning Space Foundation | Maine Boys to Men 

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