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Real Tools to Move the Needle.

Data-driven, solutions-oriented, actionable recommendations.

Our approach provides the practical steps needed to transform your workplace. 

Step 1: Find Your Place on Our Path

We support both individuals and teams through four phases of work, designed to create sustainable, impactful change.

We also know that many organizations have been doing this work for years. We build on what you have already done and integrate into existing systems, data, and frameworks whenever possible. 

Int Inq Consulting services framework
computer viewing data analytics and reports
computer viewing data analytics and reports

Investigate: Assessment + Discovery


Our assessment process is designed to deeply understand and diagnose underlying concerns, barriers, and challenges that can impact change management initiatives. By understanding your unique challenges and opportunities, we craft strategies that cut through the noise, directly addressing the heart of your needs. This approach not only saves you time, energy, and resources but also safeguards against the all-too-common burnout and frustration that can happen when change initiatives don't work as planned.

We offer a range of methodologies and processes, from our proprietary impact surveys to qualitative facilitation, that are customized to our clients to collect the data needed to inform the work ahead. 

In our next phase, we facilitate a process to help you turn aspirations into actionable plans, ensuring your team and stakeholders are aligned, motivated, and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.  By leveraging the information we have gleaned in our investigate phase we help you make data-driven, informed decisions about the priorities needed in your organization. 

Navigate: Strategic Planning Support

strategic planning on a white board
computer viewing data analytics and reports
Kate Stitham and Sabrena Brown presenting at Intend Health's National Convening Conference

Our educational services equip leaders and team members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to transform strategic plans into tangible action and behavior change. By providing targeted training and development programs, we enable your people to effectively implement, correct, and sustain new ways of working.


Through a combination of workshops and personalized application sessions, we work to build a resilient and adaptable workforce, capable of navigating the challenges of change with confidence and competence. By investing in your team's growth, you're not just preparing them for the changes ahead; you're fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, essential for long-term success and innovation in today's dynamic business environment.

Educate: Training + Development


IIn the final phase, we provide customized support that targets the specific needs of your organization. We don't just advise; we co-create practical, actionable templates and tools. We work closely with leaders to implement changes in real time. Our process is adaptable, designed to troubleshoot the rollout of new initiatives and enhance internal capacity. This approach ensures that each client receives personalized coaching and support, making the transition smoother and more effective. Our aim is to not just facilitate change, but to ensure your team is equipped and confident to carry it forward.

Integrate: Coaching + Fractional Support

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