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Packages + Pricing

Transformative Leaders Coaching Program

Explore sustained growth and continuous improvement with our Transformative Leaders Coaching Program. This subscription-based offering includes two coaching sessions per month, providing regular, structured support to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities as they arise. In addition to personalized coaching, you gain unlimited access to our comprehensive suite of resources and tools for the duration of your subscription. These curated materials are designed to enhance your learning experience and support the application of new skills in real-time. Ideal for leaders committed to ongoing personal and professional development, this program ensures you have the expert guidance and resources needed to truly transform your leadership approach.

Price              $750/mo

110 days to complete program

Included in the package:
2 coaching sessions/month
Notes + next steps

unlimited access to Int Inq tools + resources during membership

*save 20% with annual subscription
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Coaching Intensive

Our LEAP Coaching Intensive is our premier offering, designed to facilitate deep, sustainable behavior change over the course of eight sessions spanning three months. Research indicates that eight sessions constitute the minimum engagement needed to effectively embed new behaviors and strategies into daily practice, making this package our most recommended option for those serious about transformation. Each session allows for in-depth exploration and tailored support, helping you to progressively build on your insights and actions. This structured timeframe not only ensures ample opportunity for practical application and troubleshooting but also sets the foundation for lasting change, empowering you to achieve and maintain your leadership and organizational goals.

Price                $2500

110 days to complete program

Included in the package:
8 coaching sessions
Notes + next steps

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Trial Coaching Package

Our Trial Coaching Package offers a focused, expert-driven approach to advancing your leadership and organizational initiatives. This package includes three one-hour sessions with one of our seasoned experts, tailored to help you address specific challenges or accelerate key projects. Whether you're seeking guidance on strategic decision-making, needing support for implementing change, or aiming to enhance team dynamics, these sessions provide a direct avenue for expert consultation. Each session is designed to build on the last, ensuring that you gain momentum and see tangible progress in your targeted areas. This trial package is an excellent opportunity to experience the benefits of professional coaching with a commitment structured to fit your immediate needs.

Price             $900   $600*

45 days to complete program

Included in the package:
3 coaching sessions
Notes + next steps

*discount for first time coaching clients only. 

person on a zoom with Kate Stitham

*Terms and conditions apply. Learn more

LEAP Assessment Package

In the journey of leadership, self-awareness is the first step towards impactful growth and change. Our Leadership Assessments package is designed to offer leaders a mirror into their professional behaviors, strengths, and areas for development. At the core of this service is a suite of proprietary tools, including a detailed self-assessment survey and a comprehensive 360-degree survey that gathers perspectives from team members. This holistic feedback mechanism is essential for leaders seeking to understand how their leadership style is perceived across different levels of their organization.

Price                   $10,000

45 days to complete program

Included in the package:

LEAP self-assessment survey
360 team survey
4 coaching calls
A personalized action plan

person on a training call with Sabrena Brown
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