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Strategic Planning Support

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The best strategies emerge from collective vision.

Strategic planning is more than a roadmap—it’s the compass that guides organizations through the complexities of change and growth.


Our strategic planning services are grounded in the art of consensus-building, harnessing collaborative decision-making frameworks and utilizing advanced facilitation techniques to orchestrate conversations that lead to shared understanding and unified goals. 

External expertise in strategic planning brings fresh perspectives, mitigates internal biases, and ensures that every voice is heard, laying the groundwork for a plan that is both ambitious and attainable.

We offer a suite of strategic planning services tailored to different organizational needs. Our targeted services clarify your aspirations, delineate objectives, and embed a framework of accountability, ensuring that every stride forward is measured and purpose-driven.

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Our initial step involves an in-depth analysis of your organization’s current state and aspirations. This phase sets the foundation for a tailored strategic plan that addresses both immediate needs and long-term objectives. We work collaboratively with your team to define clear, actionable goals that are directly tied to your mission.

Scope + Design

Central to our methodology is a comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy. We believe that equitable stakeholder engagement is crucial to the success of any strategic initiative. Our approach includes:

  • Inclusive Mapping and Identification: We help you identify all relevant parties, ensuring that diverse voices are included, particularly those that are often underrepresented.

  • Equitable Engagement Practices: We design engagement activities that cater to the varied needs and preferences of stakeholders, creating multiple avenues for input (surveys, interviews, workshops) to accommodate different communication styles and access needs.

  • Synthesis of Insights: We help you analyze these perspective to uncover potential challenges and opportunities that may not be evident from a top-down view.


This process helps to mitigate biases and promotes a more comprehensive understanding of the organizational ecosystem in preparation for planning.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our retreats are crafted to foster open dialogue and collaborative decision-making, ensuring that every stakeholder’s voice is heard and valued. By integrating these elements, our strategic planning process not only sets the stage for achieving targeted outcomes but also strengthens the fabric of your organization through inclusive and equitable practices. This holistic approach guarantees that the strategies developed are not only innovative and sustainable but also represent the wider perspectives and values of your organization.

Collaborative Retreats


Our strategic planning methodology is designed to align with your organization's unique needs while embedding equitable engagement throughout every phase. We begin by deeply understanding your organization's context, which allows us to tailor each strategy specifically to your goals and challenges.

Business Meeting

Accelerator Program

Building Momentum for Change

Our Accelerator package helps to build awareness, momentum, and tangible action plans to move forward internal change initiatives. It is specifically designed for organizations that recognize the value of organizational development and improvement, but who are facing gaps that hinder progress and who need a solution that's not one-size-fits-all, but a data-driven, tactical approach crafted for their unique context and needs.


Don't just accept change; drive it

Strategic Vision

For organizations aiming to establish or refine their vision, mission, values, and theory of change, we offer a structured process that enables you to:

  • craft definitive statements that capture your organizations direction and goals. 

  • develop a compelling narrative and visual representation that resonates with your team, ensuring everyone is aligned and can effectively communicate your organization’s core ethos

Strategic Action Plan

For organizations charting a course for the future, our 3-Year Strategic Action Plan offers a roadmap to success with a clear, actionable framework:

  • Define strategic objectives to set ambitious yet achievable goals that align with your long-term vision.

  • Establish measurable milestones and timelines, creating a structured path for progress.

  • Create accountability structures to monitor progress and alignment with your goals.

Types of Strategic Support

Depending on your organization's current position, we can engage in any one of these strategic processes, or intertwine all three for a comprehensive development experience.

DEI Action Plan

For organizations embarking on their DEI journey or seeking to deepen their existing commitments, this process provides guidance to integrate these crucial initiatives into your broader strategic objectives.

  • Align DEI with organizational values.

  • Set clear targets and initiatives that drive tangible change.

  • Establish metrics to track and measure progress, ensuring your DEI efforts are quantifiable and lead to continuous improvement.

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