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Training + Development

Re-defining Professional Development

Concrete Tools. Relevant application. Real behavior change. 

We understand that training often feels like just another task on your to-do list. However, we believe that with the right approach, training can do more than just fulfill a requirement—it can transform your workforce. Our expertly designed programs are crafted not only to educate but to inspire your team, fostering unity and driving your business forward towards shared objectives.

Our educational courses equip participants with essential skills to enhance organizational culture and ensure team growth and success.

Following an intake process, we tailor a plan based on the most pertinent leadership competencies for your organization. We then adopt a targeted approach, working either with management and leadership or with specific teams and departments.


While we occasionally offer single workshops or retreats, our recommended approach typically involves a multi-session curriculum with practical application and coaching, so that learning progresses into tangible behavioral changes.

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After all, training is only worth it if it's effective

A Cut Above

Say goodbye to monotonous and impractical training sessions—our thoughtfully engineered workshops ensure you'll never be bored again. Designed with intention, our workshops ensure that every participant leaves equipped with practical skills and ample opportunity for practice and reflection. Our dynamic training approach includes breakout sessions, discussions, and hands-on exercises, all to foster deep engagement whether delivered virtually or in-person.

expertly designed

Our training programs are built with cutting-edge educational theories and practices. Our experts specialize in instructional design and ensure each workshop engages participants in meaningful development through dynamic activities and practical applications to make learning enjoyable and deeply effective, fostering real-world skills and lasting growth.

continued learning

Our commitment to your team's development extends beyond the workshop. Each training session comes with toolkits, resource lists, and detailed participant materials to encourage ongoing learning and application, designed to empower your team to continue developing their skills, even after the training concludes.

flexible + accessible delivery

We understand the challenges of coordinating team training, which is why we offer flexible delivery options. Whether in-person or online, our programs are accessible across various platforms and can be adapted to groups of different sizes. We prioritize keeping our sessions interactive and engaging, overcoming any barriers that may hinder your team’s learning experience.

engagement through practice

Practical application is at the heart of our learning methodology. Most of our sessions include dedicated breakout rooms where participants can apply new concepts in real-time and receive immediate feedback from our subject matter experts. This practice ensures that the skills learned are not only understood but are effectively integrated into daily workflows.

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Foundations Series

Empower your team to drive culture change initiatives with our foundational series: three 3-hour stand-alone workshops designed to equip your team with the essential tools they need to begin their transformative journey.


These courses bring participants at all levels of an organization  together to collectively work to improve their workplace dynamics. Typically include 12h of content and 2 facilitated forums to apply collaborative decision making around goals and next steps. 


Designed for managers and directors looking to center equity in their role within the organization, our Leadership Equity + Accountability Practice (LEAP) courses include 12h of content and 2 application sessions to ensure participants have practical tools to take back to their teams.

Speaking Engagement

 We offer single sessions on effective change management and leadership practices around equity and inclusion. Our speakers deliver compelling, thought-provoking presentations tailored to the specific needs of your audience, enhancing understanding and sparking action. Whether a keynote, workshop, or panel discussion, we engage participants with impactful content designed to inspire and drive meaningful organizational transformation.

Formats We Offer

looking for a custom solution?

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No problem! We specialize in creating tailored training programs that perfectly fit your organization's needs. Reach out to tell us more. 

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Start your personal learning journey today with our open-enrollment courses. 

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