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We believe that perspective matters; that's why we bring a team of specialists into each project. Meet some of the incredible individuals who share their expertise and insight through Integrative Inquiry. 

Our Team of Specialists


Kate Stitham


Georgie Hinojosa

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Sanam Jorjani

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Tori Pelletier


Abbie Yamamato

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Abby Ridley-Kerr

Kate (Katherine) Stitham is the President, Founder, and Principal Consultant of Integrative Inquiry, a consulting firm that partners with organizations to build stronger, more effective teams rooted in collaboration, innovation, and equity. Drawing from more than a decade working nation-wide and internationally, her integrative approach fuses cutting-edge educational development theory with diverse contexts and perspectives. She specializes in the facilitation and design of retreats and workshops across industries to support strategic planning, leadership development and culture change.


MA International Educational Development 

Conflict Transformation in Multicultural Contexts 

Columbia University, NY

BA International Affairs, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Skidmore College, NY

Conflict Resolution Certification, Cornell University
Certified Mediator, Maine Association of Mediators

Designing Virtual Training Certification, Association for Talent Development (ATD) 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certification, ITTT 


Having grown up in Hawaii and then spending many years living throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, I spent a great deal of time immersed in environments rich with a range of experiences, beliefs, and values that differed from my own. Particularly as a white minority, I've found myself frequently involved in dynamic conversations that transformed the way I thought about the world and myself, which has led to a life-long commitment to growth and self-study, and an openness to change. Now living in Maine, I spend a lot of time reflecting on the ways in which my background and experiences inform my work.

In my studies, I dove deeply into understanding the processes of how people work together, driven to better understand the nature of human connection and conflict. My knowledge of instructional design and strategic planning, combined with a deep passion for social psychology and diversity, equity and inclusion, gives me a unique lens in this field. I am interested not only in policy and practice, but in how we as individuals can transform our own beliefs, biases, and behaviors. 

I have often seen myself as a bridge, collaborating with others to navigate complex challenges, link diverse ideas and perspectives, and engage change efforts with enthusiasm and dedication. The mission of this company is fundamentally about fulfilling this role as a "bridge" and is, in many ways, the culmination of my professional, personal, and academic experiences. 

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Partner Organizations

We believe we are stronger together and so we also frequently collaborate with other consulting firms and non-profit organizations on projects. We are always looking for ways to innovate, lift up, and build on each others' strengths and areas of expertise. For more information, reach out

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In Her Presence

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Global Tides Consulting


Inclusion Maine


Cross Cultural Community Services

Intercultural Community Facilitators

We also work with a team of facilitators who each come from different backgrounds in Maine and partner with us to make sure we are providing inclusive services available in multiple languages and across cultural backgrounds. Our team collectively speaks 14 languages and represents communities from a dozen countries.


Guy Mpoyi Tshitoko


Toalo Odette Zouri


Arthemon Kabwigiri


Nahla AlSafar


Justine Mugabo


Suavis Furaha


Claudette Ndayininahaze has extensive experience as a culture broker in intercultural communication in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. As Executive Director of In her Presence, she sits on multiple boards in Portland and is deeply connected to community-based initiatives across the city. As a community leader who has herself gone through the immigration process, she has a unique ability to anticipate challenges New Mainers face and utilizes her professional expertise to empower people and communities. A highly proficient negotiator, both intuitive and resourceful, she collaborates with executive leadership in businesses and to develop organizational capacity and culture to promote opportunities for New Mainer success.


BA in Administration & Management, University of Burundi

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator

Association for Talent Development (ATD) Training Design & Delivery Certification [ongoing]

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IHP works to further a thriving immigrant community in Maine by lifting the language barrier and supporting the career trajectory and financial stability of immigrant women and their families.


Intercultural communication training

Culture broker programming and support 

Addressing language and cultural barriers within organizations

Hiring, promoting, and retaining New Mainer employees


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Want to Work Together?

Integrative Inquiry was founded with a firm belief that we are stronger together, and actively seeks partnership with other consultants, small businesses, and educators. We have had success with collaborative grant writing on past projects and are always open to innovative ideas for new work.  Interested? Reach out today to tell us more about how you would like to partner with us.