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About the Program

why us?

We understand that the journey of transformation begins with a solid, actionable plan—a roadmap that not only outlines the destination but also the milestones along the way. Our program is designed to work within your constraints, helping you to secure the necessary buy-in from stakeholders and to define a budget that aligns with your vision for change. Through a blend of strategic consultation, tailored workshops, and hands-on planning sessions, we'll guide your team in identifying your core challenges, setting achievable goals, and laying out a clear action plan that paves the way for sustainable change.

who is it for?

This initiative is tailor-made for organizations that recognize the pressing need for change but are constrained by limited resources or lack of leadership support. Whether you're facing operational inefficiencies, seeking to improve team dynamics, or pro-actively address inequities, our program is your starting line. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and departmental teams within larger entities.

what's included:

  1. Client Onboarding: process to align on goals and set a solid foundation for work moving forward. 

  2. Coaching Calls: Four specialized coaching sessions for tailored guidance and actionable strategies.

  3. Leadership Training: A focused 3-hour session to equip leaders with essential foundational knowledge.

  4. Leadership Focus Group: A 3-hour facilitated discussion about the interests, initiatives, and obstacles with the intent to prepare for deeper work.

  5. Resources and Templates: Access to a wide range of tools and templates for effective implementation.

plus... an organizational diagnostic.

In the program, we include our proprietary Organizational Diagnostic survey, a tool to help you quickly assess and prioritize some of the foundational areas of opportunity that will most improve your likelihood of success around your change initiatives. 

Learn more about what is included in our diagnostic below. 

Conducting An Organizational Diagnostic

A Quick Survey to Set You Up for Success

Discover the power of informed decision-making with our proprietary Organizational Diagnostic Survey. Tailored for organizations looking to pinpoint critical areas for transformative change, this tool helps uncover insights into your organization's core functions and dynamics to offer a prioritized roadmap for where to focus your change efforts and direct your resources for maximum impact. 

This tool comes with our Accelerator Program, but it can also be completed as a stand-alone offering for organizations who desire a quick and accessible way to prioritize goals for a strategic plan, an upcoming initiative, or drafting a request for proposal (RFP). 

On a Video Call

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$400 Bonus Offer

Any purchase of an Accelerator Package or Organizational Diagnostic this year comes with a complimentary coaching call ($400 value).

*Offer only valid for first time clients of Int Inq Consulting and cannot combined with other offers. 

Jump start your change efforts.


Don't wait to start your organization's transformation.

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