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A free list of recommended articles, books, and videos to help you dive into the work of culture change. 

Int Inq has collected the information below to help your teams learn more about how to work in more equitable and collaborative ways. We've done our best to attach links to additional learning resources. Each are listed by a variety of topics below. This work is ongoing and we are always eager to increase our own knowledge and welcome your perspectives too.

Want to share a resource with us or ask us to add a particular topic? Click the image to the right to suggest an article or tool that has inspired you to tackle change initiatives in your business.

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Our online shop is a curated marketplace for trainers, facilitators, and managers seeking immediate, impactful solutions for leadership and organizational development. It features a range of resources, from trainer materials and succinct quick guides to practical activities you can conduct with your teams, all designed to equip you with the tools necessary to lead initiatives and drive change effectively. Each product is crafted to provide practical, ready-to-use strategies, ensuring you can implement solutions right from the moment of purchase.

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Our shop is designed for the leaders already looking to implement solutions in their workplace. 

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Explore the depths of organizational development with "Transformative Readership," our collection of articles where industry experts from our firm share their insights on complex topics. Bridge theory and practice with cutting-edge perspectives and actionable solutions for visionary leadership and organizational growth.

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