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LEAP Into Practice

Become the Leader You Want to Be. 

Join leaders from around the globe in our interactive exploratory workshops.  

Learn Online from Experts in the Field

Our programs are designed for a diverse range of professionals who share a common goal: to lead with excellence in an ever-evolving business landscape. From seasoned HR experts looking to stay ahead of the latest leadership trends to managers aiming to refine their strategic edge, and emerging leaders seeking a fast track to career acceleration, our online offerings provide the tools to enhance your skills. Engage with our dynamic online community, where you'll connect with fellow forward-thinkers, sharing insights and experiences that fuel personal growth and professional advancement.

Take Control of Your Learning.

Our Open-Enrollment Courses are designed for the working professional seeking out additional skills and resources to bring back to their teams. 

person joining a remote interactive online training program

Not Your
Average Webinar

So many online programs talk about the great advantage of self-paced learning: that you can learn in a flexible schedule that works for you. What they don't often talk about are the drawbacks to this type of training: ​

Limited ability to ask questions from the experts.

Almost no networking with peers enrolled in program.

Little time for practical application to your unique context.

Lack of adaptability and interactive opportunities to dig into difficult topics. 

This model may be easier (for trainers and participants alike), but it is also less effective. If you want to truly gain practical skills that you can immediately implement in your workplace, you need a dynamic, integrative program that will ask more from you. 

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How Our Workshops Differ

live + interactive content delivery

We guarantee our programming is always delivered by subject matter experts in real time. Our sessions are dynamic and interactive – expect breakouts, polls, group discussions, authentic conversations with industry experts and adaptable content that meets participants where they are at. 

practical application​

Our content will always include some form of application work so that any concept we teach feels immediately relevant to your environment. This can come in the form of resources or live application sessions, one-to-one coaching, or office hours depending on the type of program you sign up for. 

concrete tools

We want to make sure you remember what you were taught months or years after you've attended a course with us. That's why we provide participant workbooks filled with tools, templates, and additional resources for you to keep the work going long after our workshops are done.

networking value add

In any professional gathering, there's an invaluable wealth of expertise distributed throughout the room. Our workshops  cultivate an environment where participants actively learn from one another. This collective sharing of knowledge and experiences not only enriches individual experience but also fosters meaningful connections that can act as a catalyst for long-term professional relationship-building.

SHRM PRC recertification provider

Earn Continuing Ed Credits the Engaging Way

Earning SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) doesn't have to be a mundane check-box activity. Transform it into a dynamic and enriching experience with our workshops! We recognize the usual grind of accruing credits can feel more like a chore than a chance for real growth. That’s why we’ve designed our online courses to be anything but ordinary. Our interactive, engaging modules promise not only to fulfill your PDC requirements but also to equip you with practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied to your work. With us, continuing education becomes a vibrant opportunity for professional advancement and personal achievement.

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Looking for more tailored, hands on support?

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