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LEAP Into Action

Practical Coaching for Workplace Excellence

Advice, tools, and solutions to address your unique challenges and context.

The Workplace You Want Starts with You.

Our Leadership Equity + Accountability Practice (LEAP) Coaching programs are designed to help individual professionals gain the skills they need to transform their teams and the organizations they work in. Through personalized support and customized resources and tools, we make sure the process is relevant and impactful for every client. 

Get the Support You Need.

Our coaching service pairs you with one of our expert coaches to fast-track individual growth and deepen your impact on issues you care about. 

person on coaching call with Sabrena

Drive Your Goals Forward.

Our leadership coaching sharpens your self-awareness, leverages your strengths, and targets growth areas. We focus on setting measurable goals and improving key leadership skills like decision-making, communication, and team building to build more inclusive equitable workplaces. Emphasizing emotional intelligence and adaptability, our approach prepares you to lead diverse, thriving teams and advances both your individual career and organizational success.

Set the goals and metrics of success for your coaching experience.

Get practical tools and templates that help you solve problems in real-time as they occur.

Like all of our services, coaching requires the underlying value of continuous growth and learning, recognizing that everyone has room to improve. We believe that this more than any other quality ensures that managers are well-prepared to lead in diverse and ever-evolving professional settings.

Walk away with a personalized action plan that outlines specific steps for leveraging your strengths and addressing areas for growth.

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Go Deeper with our LEAP Leadership Assessment Package


30% Off
Coaching Trial Package 


At Intinq Consulting, we're committed to helping you achieve excellence. To show just how confident we are in the transformative power of our coaching services, we're offering an exclusive discount for all first-time clients.

This is your opportunity to experience personalized, professional guidance at a fraction of the cost.

Unlock Your Potential
Computer of coaching call with Kate Stitham
  • Tailored Strategies: Our coaches provide personalized solutions that align with your unique business goals.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned consultants who are dedicated to your growth and success.

  • Proven Success: Join the ranks of thriving professionals and businesses who have benefited from our expertise.

3 Coaching Calls to Jump Start a Project
“Integrative Inquiry LLC supported my transition through some difficult dynamics within an office lacking cohesion in cross-functional teams... the tools provided for mapping out procedures across realms of accountability, responsibility, information-sharing, and coaching calls helped me begin to cultivate an office environment within which professionals in my team could build and sustain their own professional identities and contribute to a healthy working collaboration. I would highly recommend this service.” 


"Working with Kate has been a transformative journey in my career. As a thought partner, she's been instrumental in navigating my transition into a new role, guiding me through the complexities of curriculum design, and exploring the nuances of conflict resolution. Her coaching has not only provided me with the tools to establish a firm curriculum philosophy but has also empowered me to approach challenges with confidence and creativity. Her insight and support have been invaluable in helping me achieve my goals and advance professionally."


"Kate has been a really important thought partner for me personally as well as professionally. I think one of the things she does is push back and ask the questions that need to be asked. She doesn't shy away from difficult conversations, but tends to enter into them. That's been a huge value."


"The Integrative Inquiry team did an outstanding job guiding us through a transitional period in our organization; assessing our strengths and weaknesses, navigating cross-cultural communication and understanding, and exploring a range of options for the future."


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