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A True Partnership

At Int Inq Consulting, we believe in the transformative power of long-term partnerships. Our preference for engaging with clients over a 1-2 year period is rooted in our commitment to not just initiate change, but to see it through to fruition. This duration allows us to deeply understand your organization's unique culture, challenges, and aspirations, enabling us to tailor our guidance to your specific needs. It also provides the opportunity to coach your leaders effectively, helping them to navigate the complexities of implementing change, troubleshooting issues as they arise, and adapting to evolving needs.

By investing time in your organization, we ensure that the changes we help implement are not only effective but sustainable, leading to lasting improvements and growth. This approach reflects our belief in building relationships that go beyond consultancy—to becoming a trusted partner in your organization's journey towards excellence.

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I'm ready, but my organization is not quite there yet.


A Holistic Approach to Change

Our longitudinal process with businesses is designed to foster sustainable, impactful change.

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Accelerator Program

Building Momentum for Change

Our Accelerator package helps to build awareness, momentum, and tangible action plans to move forward internal change initiatives. It is specifically designed for organizations that recognize the value of organizational development and improvement, but who are facing gaps that hinder progress and who need a solution that's not one-size-fits-all, but a data-driven, tactical approach crafted for their unique context and needs.


Don't just accept change; drive it

looking for a custom solution?

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No problem! We specialize in creating tailored training programs that perfectly fit your organization's needs. Reach out to tell us more. 

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