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Assessment + Discovery

Aligning Intention + Impact

What Sets Us Apart

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, understanding exactly where your organization stands is the first step toward meaningful change. Our precision assessment process is designed to do just that. By diving deep into the heart of your organization, we uncover the hidden barriers, challenges, and opportunities that could be shaping your path to growth and innovation. This initial phase is crucial for any change management initiative as it sets the foundation for targeted strategies that are uniquely tailored to your organization's needs.

Our assessments enable your organization to focus efforts where they're most needed. Through our expert analysis, we provide you with the insights necessary to embark on a change management journey that’s not only strategic but also sustainable, minimizing wasted time, energy, and resources. Let us help you transform insights into action, ensuring that your change initiatives are grounded in a deep understanding of your organization's current state and potential for growth.

computer with data

Our cutting-edge survey tool sets the standard in data collection, blending best practices in both quantitative and qualitative research. It features customizable filters for deeper analysis, optional spaces for detailed feedback, and multiple languages and accommodation features to ensure equitable participation. We prioritize confidentiality with anonymized reports, creating a trusted and safe environment for all. This tool isn't just about gathering data—it's about enabling meaningful change by developing team agency and psychological safety.


Our qualitative interviewing process is designed to deeply understand your team's dynamics, reaching 30% of members across all levels and departments. We employ three distinct discussion formats: focus groups targeting specific demographics for nuanced insights, community-wide forums focusing on key topics to gauge broader perspectives, and personalized one-to-one interviews for in-depth understanding. This approach ensures a comprehensive view of your organization, capturing diverse voices and providing context on the quantitative results.

Qualitative Interviews

Our policy review involves a thorough examination of your organization's existing policies, gathering essential documents and insights directly from HR and Department Heads. We assess the current policy landscape to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation to highlight areas where policies can be more effective or inclusive and align them with your organization's goals and values. 

Policy Review


We employ three different methodologies to collect data during our impact assessment:

Other Investigate Offerings

Program Assessment

In addition to our comprehensive organizational assessments, we offer specialized small-scale assessments tailored for individual programs or departments. This focused approach is grounded in results-based accountability models, meticulously evaluating how success and accountability are measured internally. By honing in on specific areas, we can provide nuanced insights and actionable recommendations that address unique challenges and opportunities and can move change forward locally... even if the rest of the organization isn't quite ready.

Advanced Equity Audits

We believe conducting equity audits is a profound step towards fostering inclusivity and fairness within an organization. However, these audits are only effective and impactful when conducted with a deep understanding of the organizational culture and a solid foundation that can critically engage with and apply the audit’s recommendations. We offer this process only after our Impact Assessment to ensure that the insights gained from the audit are not just insightful but actionable, aligning closely with the organization's unique context and readiness for change.

Business Meeting

Accelerator Program

Building Momentum for Change

Our Accelerator package helps to build awareness, momentum, and tangible action plans to move forward internal change initiatives. It is specifically designed for organizations that recognize the value of organizational development and improvement, but who are facing gaps that hinder progress and who need a solution that's not one-size-fits-all, but a data-driven, tactical approach crafted for their unique context and needs.


Don't just accept change; drive it

Need help with demographic data collection?

We can help. We offer a demographics support package that can help you think through demographic data collection, storage, and policy implementation. 


Organizational Impact Assessment

Measuring Your Readiness for Change

Our proprietary Organizational Impact Assessment process identifies barriers hindering your company's progress. We've found that organizations often concentrate on desired changes without evaluating their readiness or engaging stakeholders across all levels in the change efforts. This service gauges your organization's preparedness for complex cultural shifts by examining structures (policies and practices) and employee perceptions, guided by the Int Inq Organizational Culture Model™. 

Int Inq Organizational Impact ModelTM
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