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LEAP Into Awareness.

Discover Your Growing Edges

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your own developmental opportunities with our Leadership Assessment Package. 

Empower Your Leadership Growth with Data-Driven Insights.

In the journey of leadership, self-awareness is the first step towards impactful growth and change. Our Leadership Assessments package is designed to offer leaders a mirror into their professional behaviors, strengths, and areas for development. At the core of this service is a suite of proprietary tools, including a detailed self-assessment survey and a comprehensive 360-degree survey that gathers perspectives from team members. This holistic feedback mechanism is essential for leaders seeking to understand how their leadership style is perceived across different levels of their organization.

Change With Intention.

Our assessment tools are designed to help you make practical decisions and clarify your professional development path, confident in the areas you want to grow in. 

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Included in our LEAP Assessment Package: 

LEAP Self Assessment Survey

Our Self-Assessment Survey is a thought-provoking tool designed around the Int Inq Impact Model™, helping leaders build inclusive and equitable work environments. It prompts leaders to reflect critically on their practices, policies, and behaviors, comparing them against established best practices. This introspective process not only fosters self-awareness but also identifies precise areas for improvement, guiding leaders toward more impactful, inclusive, and equitable leadership strategies.

360 Degree Assessment Survey

In addition, we administer a survey for your team those who work under, above, and along side you in the organization. This shorter survey results in consolidated data that helps you understand how your intentions align with your impact. 

Observation Journal

Accompanying these tools is an Observation Journal, guiding leaders through a reflective practice over a designated period. This journal is a space for leaders to note observations about their leadership interactions, challenges faced, and moments of success. It serves as a real-time record that, when reviewed, reveals patterns and areas for focused improvement.

Personalized Action Plan

Drawing on the rich data from the surveys and the introspection from the observation journal, we will meet over 4 coaching calls to co-create a plan for you to enhance your leadership capabilities. It's not just about identifying areas for improvement but about setting actionable, achievable goals. This plan is your roadmap to elevating your leadership, ensuring you not only meet but exceed your potential, fostering a leadership style that is both effective and reflective of your values and goals.

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Who is this for?

Whether leading a small team or an entire company, this self-assessment is a first step in centering equity minded practices in your work. This tools is mean for all leaders; we define leader as those with a sphere of influence who are responsible for making decisions in their eco-systems. 

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