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Business Services

To support our mission of building capacity, we focus on preparing organizations to continue the work well beyond our partnership.

Building your bench internally...
so you won't need us anymore. 

We are committed to capacity building, to making sure you have the tools, knowledge, and skill set to keep this work going long after our partnership ends. 

We want the work to go on. It's that simple. 

Whenever we begin a contract with a new client, we consider a three-pronged approach to culture change:

leadership development

Do leaders at all levels of the organization have the confidence and capabilities to inspire culture change?

organizational structure

What are the structural changes needed to create culture change across the organization?

team dynamics

Is the climate of the organization able to facilitate meaningful dialogue across hierarchy and engage all stakeholders in the process of change?

A path to change

we meet you where you're at.

Many organizations have been doing this work for years, and have brought in a number of consultants to provide different types of support. We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. We can guide you through each step, or start with you at any point along the way.

We work with the existing structure and learning you've developed, to provide complementary support to target specific gaps and areas of opportunity. That's why we move through three different stages, helping you understand the context of your organization, learn new skills, and embed permanent practices and infrastructure to make lasting change.  Click an area below to learn more about each service. 

Figure out the best plan for next steps to help align your culture with your organization's vision and goals. 

Give your leaders the support they need to become effective leaders for equity, navigate challenges, and move the work forward.  

Train an internal team to take this work forward with confidence and skill.

Analyze and assess your demographics, organizational culture, and policies to figure out your strengths are and areas of opportunity when it comes to diversity, equity, + inclusion. 

Experience our Leadership Equity + Accountability Practice (LEAP) courses to move from awareness to action and make meaningful change in your organization.

Execute new company-wide practices, launch internal curriculum, and build the foundation you need to succeed long-term.

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Read our brochure to learn more about our methods in detail, and how we move through three phases -Investigate, Educate, and Integrate - to create lasting change in the organizations we work with.

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