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Our learning is never over. Find compiled resources to help you dive into topics more deeply and an array of Integrative Inquiry tools and materials to help take our trainings back to your team.  


There are so many amazing resources to help your teams learn more about how to work in more equitable and collaborative ways.  Listed below are some links to additional learning resources, amazing organizations, books and more. Each are listed roughly by topic.


We are always eager to increase our own knowledge and welcome your perspectives too. Want to share another resource with us? Click the talk button and share an article or tool

that has inspired you to tackle change initiatives in your business.


Our Integrative Inquiry Facilitator Decks are designed to help leaders guide their teams through various tasks. These decks provide exercises or activities to improve the workplace culture and ethos.   Each deck comes with instructions for use.

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Integrative Inquiry Consulting

Based in Maine, Integrative Inquiry provides HR Management consulting services, from training delivery and design to strategic planning. 


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