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Sabrena Brown

Director of Operations, Senior Consultant

Sabrena Brown is Int Inq's Director of Operations & Senior Consultant. She has a background in management facilitation, HR consultancy, and instructional design. She is passionate about creating diverse and equitable employment experiences that foster belonging at each level. As a former Disability ERG Founder and Leader, she is an advocate for disability rights and accommodations. She specializes in creating, implementing, and managing strategic initiatives such as career development, Employee Resource Groups, and learning & development programs. Her background of 7+ years in project management and program management spans across the fin-tech, Ed-tech, E-commerce, and construction industries. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


BS in Organizational Leadership and Public Administration

Valdosta State University


Instructional design

Career development

Employee training and facilitation

I grew up in a military household. Both of my parents were in the Army and so were their parents. As a result, I spent much of my childhood traveling the world and experienced many different cultures. It fundamentally shaped my outlook on cultural understanding and acceptance, challenging my religious and political upbringing. As a black woman with an invisible disability married to another black woman and raising a child with a disability, my own experiences drive my perspective on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. They compel me to continue advocating and delivering measurable professional and personal progress. I have spent my career working for folks to receive equitable opportunities and fair treatment through research, education, and dialogue to help us all better understand differences and find compromise with the common goal of human decency.

Sabrena Brown
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