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Bring Integrative Inquiry Consultants to your business to facilitate interactive workshops and foster dialogue. 

Leadership Equity + Accountability Practice (LEAP)

Our LEAP courses help participants learn critical skills to improve their organizational culture and ensure their teams grow and succeed. After an intake process, we will create a course based on the leadership competencies most needed in your organization. 

Then we choose a targeted approach, either working with management and leadership  or with targeted teams and departments. Though we occasionally offer single workshops or retreats, we usually recommend a multi-session curriculum to make sure participants can apply the learning into real behavior change. 

After all, training is only worth it if it's effective. 

a cut above

Unlike many training presentations, our interactive workshops build on educational design theory to make sure your team walks away with concrete actions and opportunities to practice and reflect. 


best practices in 

adult learning

Unlike many consulting firms, our trainings are done with a background in instructional design ensuring that the workshops you attend are designed to maximize learning and skill-building.


resources +


Continue to work on topics long after we are gone with toolkits, resource lists, and participant materials. Every session we offer comes with further opportunities to learn.


adaptable to any work environment

We can work in person or virtually, across platforms and in different sizes. No matter what you need and whatever barriers face bringing your team together, we keep our programs interactive and engaging.


practicums + coaching

to build skills

Finally, most of our sessions are designed with breakouts and application opportunities so that participants can practice and get feedback from our subject matter experts while they learn. 

levels of learning



Three 2-hour independent workshops that introduce key concepts to make sure everyone starts with the same base knowledge. Some example workshops include:

  • Foundations of Inclusive + Equitable Workplaces

  • Critical Consciousness + Lenses of Positionality

  • Navigating Power in the Workplace


Apprentice Course

Multi-hour program designed to work with a cohort of leaders over a period of time. Integrated into the instructional learning is practice, peer collaboration, self-reflection and individualized support from our team of experts.


Master Course

40 hour program designed for leaders already familiar with some DEI concepts and have begun their own learning, but need support in implementation at the team and organizational level. Integrated into the instructional learning is practice, peer collaboration, self-reflection just like the apprentice course, but it also includes self-assessment tools, coaching sessions, an individual development plan, and finally a practicum to prove the skills were retained.


Each Master course begins with a self-assessment tool that helps leaders identify their areas of strength and growth in each of the four equity skills. This in turn generates a report which is used for one-on-one consultations and the creation of individual development plans.

For more information about our LEAP courses, check out our Course Guide. 


"I think this was a very dynamic and engaging training. I liked how we somehow created a space over zoom where people could be vulnerable. I really appreciated getting to connect on a deeper level with my fellow VISTA's and hear their story and share my own."

Lauren Hickey

AmeriCorps VISTA, Portland, ME


Engagement Specialty

Our style of training is deeply interactive, with breakouts, discussions, exercises, and reflection opportunities. Whether virtual or in person, we create engaging and immersive learning opportunities. 

Make Coaching a Priority

Coaching is most effective when it is a part of how you work together. We are happy to set up coaching as part of the proposal we develop with you to design a package offering of recurring sessions. 

coaching priority

​"In many respects, teaching and learning are matters of breaking through barriers- of expectation, of boredom, of predefinition."


coaching: raising the bar 

Leaders often do not fully understand their impact on their organization's culture and the importance of taking action in this space to acknowledge their role in improving it. Coaching provides perspective when it comes to understanding your own development journey, whether as individuals or collectively as a leadership team.


Through cultivating inclusive skill building practices, we can become socially responsible leaders who are invested in creating positive and productive work environments. Our goal is to help clients develop new tools and techniques, break down barriers, and expand their awareness of themselves and others. 

developmental coaching
Developmental Coacing

Developmental Coaching

One-on-One sessions with leaders to hone their own practices and approach within an organization.

team coaching
Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Group sessions with leaders to reflect on dynamics, to process initiative successes and challenges, and to adjust goals as needed. 

Situational Coaching
Situational Coaching

Situational Coaching

Scheduled as-needed sessions to troubleshoot specific barriers to the work and problem-solve together.


In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening. Rather than thinking 'Oh I'm going to reveal my weaknesses', you say 'Wow, here's a chance to grow.'"


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